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Ep 16 – Olivia’s Cafe at Old Key West

Dec 3, 2018

Today we’re talking about Olivia’s Cafe at Old Key West, one of the few places at Disney where you can get some good sea Scallops and a proper fried chicken dinner.? This was probably our 3rd or 4th visit to Olivia’s, and we really enjoy it.? We also apologize for the shortened episode, too many projects at one time, but we’ll be back to our normal schedule in no time.??

AJ 0:00
You are listening to two grown up and a mouse. Episode Number 16. It’s our sweet 16. Today we will be talking about Olivia’s cafe.

AJ 0:42
Hi there. I’m AJ

Andrew 0:43
I’m Andrew.

AJ 0:44
And you are listening to two grown ups and a mouse welcome welcome

Andrew 0:48

AJ 0:49
well if they’re listening then, yeah hopefully they’re listening

Andrew 0:53

AJ 0:54
Hmm. So we have a lot going on in our life right now.

Andrew 0:58

AJ 0:58
We’re kind of busy

Andrew 0:59
very busy

AJ 1:00
very busy. We keep working late we have been a little bit busy with work and I was gonna say school but neither one of us goes to school

Andrew 1:08
no, really just busy with work

AJ 1:12

Andrew 1:13
mostly work

Andrew 1:14
yeah, so because we have been a little bit busy even though it is our sweet 16 This is episode number 16 it is going to be a little bit shorter than normal but we’ll get back on track and you know week or two will be will be more up to speed but we actually within the next couple weeks we will be going back to Disney so we’ll have some new pictures and new things talk about

Andrew 1:37

AJ 1:37
so that it’s gonna be exciting but why don’t we just get right into it

Andrew 1:41
Why don’t we tell them how were they can follow us

AJ 1:44
because I was gonna save it to the end

Andrew 1:46

AJ 1:47
i mean they could follow us but I wasn’t gonna talk about that yet

Andrew 1:50
they could follow us to Olivia’s cafe

AJ 1:52
Hey exactly

Andrew 1:54
At old Key West resort

AJ 1:57
Old Key West resort is a dvc Disney Vacation Club resort

Andrew 2:01
Yep, one of the originals

AJ 2:03
Yes. Yeah. It is, that and Saratoga are the two oldest aren’t they?

Andrew 2:07
I think so.

AJ 2:08
Yeah. Cuz old Key West we stayed at once,

Andrew 2:11
We stayed at Saratoga as well.

AJ 2:12
No, but but Old Key West us did not, at least the building we were in did not have any elevators. Right. That was a little bit frustrating. But it was still nice resort. I mean, we said was very, very nice room or spacious and everything. But the we aren’t really talking about Old Key West. But we should one day. Stay there again. Talk about it again.

Andrew 2:32
We should.

AJ 2:33
But right now we’re going to talk about the restaurant, which is Olivia’s cafe, which we did eat at before

Andrew 2:39
A few times.

AJ 2:40
Yes. So we decided to go back there recently. It wasn’t too too long ago. We we just went back there. Because we said we should go back

Andrew 2:47

AJ 2:47
we haven’t been there in a while. Because and I think we talked about this in a previous episode. I really enjoy scallops. And it’s the kind of food that it’s a little difficult for me to to cook plus when you cook it. And then you have to make a side dish. And when all said and done, it’s just as easy to have someone else cook it for you.

Andrew 3:07

AJ 3:07
That’s, you know, there’s some dishes. I feel like that by the time you buy the the main course and the side dish and you know, the salad or the soup appetizer, you know, whatever.

Andrew 3:18
Accept they are scallops it’s like, the easiest thing in the world to cook.

AJ 3:22
Yeah, but you know, I’m not a great cook.

Andrew 3:26
That’s true. You could bribe me, I’ll charge you only, let’s see. What are they? What does Olivia’s charge for sea scallops. $27. I’ll charge you $20

AJ 3:38
Thanks honey.

Andrew 3:39
See, it’s a bargain

AJ 3:40
A gentleman and a scholar.

Andrew 3:42
I think so.

AJ 3:44
But we did go back there. And honestly that was one of the reasons that we did go there was because of the sea scallops so and there’s another reason we went there but I’ll go in order.

Andrew 3:53

AJ 3:54
So I got an appetizer crab cake and that was good. I enjoy the crab cakes. Actually. There are a few restaurants in Walt Disney World Resort that sell crab cakes right i mean we we had made crab cakes for Mother’s Day One year but the recipe that we have which is in one of our Disney books that restaurant is no longer there it was on the boardwalk right yes the previous iteration to what what how do you which one is the La Trattoria i think is the name of it

Andrew 4:30
No it was

AJ 4:32
it was before that because now it’s the

Andrew 4:36
wasn’t it flying fish or something like that

AJ 4:38
it might have been yeah but but it was before the la trattoria and before that it was the Greek

Andrew 4:49
right yeah the Cat Cora restaurant yeah

AJ 4:51
so that it’s it’s changed a few times but maybe it was flying fish next to it.

Andrew 4:56
I don’t remember… all right back from some research and Flying Fish is still in business and the crab cakes are from Flying Fish cafe.

AJ 5:05
Yea, the ones that we made for Mother’s Day because it was like we’re talking about it and then I was like wait we need to stop for a minute Yeah, like I I’m pretty sure flying fish is still there. So I mean the other stuff we said is accurate. There. There is a restaurant that use you know that is now Trattoria al Forno, we are going to look up the name so I can give the proper name for it. We haven’t eaten there yet. And they do have a breakfast there where you can meet Ariel and Erik, Prince Eric or you can meet Rapunzel and Flynn but when you look up the description online it says that you don’t know which one you’re going to get

Andrew 5:47
yeah Trattoria al Forno.

AJ 5:50
Okay, so I was close. I had to Trattoria part.

Andrew 5:52
I’m sure I’ve murdered that. And my Eye-Talian friends will be making fun of me for it.

AJ 5:57
Yeah. So there was that restaurant and before that it was Cat Cora’s restaurant. And before that it was something else that that particular location which is near flying fish, that one for some reason. They’ve had issues being able to find a real niche for it.

Andrew 5:59

AJ 5:59
But flying fish. We haven’t eaten at yet. However, we did make crab cakes from their recipe. And they were really good. They the our family really enjoyed them as did we. So there. The point was, there are quite a few restaurants in Walt Disney World that you can purchase crab cakes from that are quite tasty.

Andrew 6:39

AJ 6:39
So I do like to try them every once in a while. Well, and not at Walt Disney World. We’ve talked about this also the Disney Vero Beach

Andrew 6:50

AJ 6:50
I tried the crab cakes again. I gotten them a long time ago. And they weren’t to my liking so much. But I do enjoy crab cakes. So I tried them again more recently. And they were really good again. Right. So the ones that old Key West we’re pretty good as well. I was nice little appetizer, and you didn’t get an appetizer did you?

Andrew 7:09
I did not. Yeah, mostly because they are mostly a seafood dishes. There’s a conch chowder, conch fritters, obviously being Key West. There’s a lot of conch on the menu.

AJ 7:22
I was just gonna say the restaurant in general. I mean, I guess you could call it a seafood restaurant. Just like any other seafood, seafood restaurant. Even if you go to Red Lobster, you can order a burger might not be the best burger but you can get a burger or you know they’ll have like one chicken dish one hamburger but the majority of dishes are aimed towards you know there it’s more of a seafood restaurant

Andrew 7:48
well it’s a mix, it’s very much you know, as Disney theming goes. It’s very key Westy’ish. It’s not perfect. But I mean, if you go to Key West, you’ll see you know, all the restaurants obviously have a lot of seafood and they have lots regular food. So it’s not like it’s not like when you go to Red Lobster, and there’s their token hamburger and a token steak and chicken. But it’s a mix. You know, it’ll be a mix of 50-50, some seafood, some this some that

AJ 8:18
Right, and that’s why we were able to eat there because I enjoy seafood and you’re not a fan.

Andrew 8:22
That’s correct.

AJ 8:23
But they do have enough options where you don’t feel limited right in eating there. And so again, a big reason we went there was I got these seven miles sea scallops and they were pretty Yummy. Well, of course, I have a tendency to be kind of like Sally from When Harry Met Sally, you know, and she wanted the apple pie ala mode. But she only wanted to apple pie. They had the ice cream and they couldn’t put the ice cream on it because they had to heat up the the pie and the ice cream on the side. That’s pretty much how I typically order now

AJ 8:56
it’s true.

AJ 8:57
I’m a little bit picky, and I don’t like my food touching. But I digress.

Andrew 9:03
Either way.

AJ 9:04
Don’t make fun.

Andrew 9:06
Child separation plates for AJ, please.

AJ 9:09
Yeah, we have a few in the cabinet.

Andrew 9:10
Yeah, I’m some of the restaurants, we go to some of the waitstaff know to bring them food to you in that fashion.

AJ 9:17
Yes, our regular server at Disney Vero beach she knows that I don’t like my food touching and she makes sure to serve everything separately and it’s wonderful and I love it What did you get into your main course

Andrew 9:29
I had the southern most of buttermilk chicken.

AJ 9:32
And how was it?

Andrew 9:33
It was delicious

AJ 9:35
but you got it without the gravy Didn’t you or?

Andrew 9:37
I got the gravy on the side okay because even though I make fun of you I’m not crazy about all of my food always touching mostly because I don’t like gravy on my mashed potatoes because it’s kind of it doesn’t really doesn’t really do it for me you do need the gravy on the chicken because really you know the two flavors of go together but they stack to you know put the mask potatoes on the plate then the put the chicken over top of it and the name for a bunch of gravy over top of it and so

AJ 10:08
typically but right in your case they did not is it was on the side and that’s what I was starting to say with the scallops the if you order them as there are on the menu they’re served over a soft polenta topped with Edamame-Pancetta Succotash and Tomato Vinaigrette it and I had had a Edamame Succotash and not necessarily pancetta. But I had had Edamame literally the day before. Because we were at NASA. And we did the astronaut lunch, right. So they had that on the menu. So when I saw that, I was like, I literally just had this yesterday. Because I do I do like edamame. So instead, I think I just got it with umm, Potatoes.

Andrew 11:01
Yeah, I think so. You know, I think it didn’t you get to another vegetable on the side. Or something?

AJ 11:06
it was something really simple. But you know, but the point is the point being that it’s Disney and they tend to be quite accommodating. Oh, yeah. You know, it wasn’t really a big deal that, you know, I said, Hey, I don’t really want this. So talk about serving everything on the side. Yes, everything was separate, right? It was quite separate. But it was quite good. But that leads to probably my favorite part of the meal. Mm hmm. dessert.

AJ 11:33
I got a banana bread pudding Sunday. Right? And it was yummy.

AJ 11:40
I it’s funny, because in general, I’m not a fan of what bread, you know. So I don’t like things like tiramisu. Or you know anything where that the pastry or dough or you know, gets wet, right? But in this it, the only thing that really makes it wet is the caramel sauce, right, because it’s a banana foster toppings, which is basically caramel sauce. I’m sure there’s a lot lot more in there than what I’m saying. But that’s what it tastes like to me. So that’s how I’m describing it. Right. But they’re banana bread pudding is on the firmer side. So it’s able to have something wet on the outside and not get too soggy. And, you know, it’s it’s still maintains enough dense ness. Sure, you know, so it really is an enjoyable dessert. And this is coming from someone who grew up on Chocolate. Chocolate is great. And chocolate is wonderful. And they have a flour-less chocolate cake, but I still opted for the banana bread pudding.

Andrew 12:46
So I think you have every time we’ve been there.

AJ 12:49
Yeah, I tried it once. And it was really good, right? So yeah, I do. I do tend to to get that if I’m going to waste calories I’d rather waste it on dessert.

Andrew 13:00
Well, and that makes for a good mix. Because you, like you said, it’s hard for you to a lot of restaurants don’t have scallop. So this is a restaurant that does have scallops, and it has your caramel banana pudding. So it’s like a double whammy. Yeah, it was pretty and now that you know they have a good crab cake, it’s traple whammy.

AJ 13:19

Andrew 13:20

AJ 13:21
It’s a traple whammy.

Andrew 13:22
Yeah. Just like triple but just a little different.

AJ 13:25
I guess So.

Andrew 13:26

AJ 13:27
But that’s about all the time we have.

Andrew 13:30
Yeah, I think so.

AJ 13:31
Cuz like, like we said, we’re kind of busy. But no worries, because we’re here. And we’ll be back next week. Again. Next, you know, Episode 17 might also be a little bit on the short side. So please forgive us if it is could be and if it’s not

Andrew 13:46
We’ll have to see how the week turns out.

AJ 13:49
But either way. Thank you for listening.

Andrew 13:51

AJ 13:52
Thank you for following you know where you can find us. But just in case just in case it came up. come upon us in a fluke. Yeah. So or if this is your first time here, if it is your first time here, you you’re gonna want to listen to our other episodes. They’re no longer get a little more out of them. But you can find us on two grown ups and a mouse.

Andrew 14:12
Yep on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube,

AJ 14:18
Or the website or on your favorite podcast listening system

Andrew 14:26
or on Apple, iTunes, Google, Spotify, you name it pretty much all the other ones

AJ 14:34
Yeah, you name it we’re there. So we’re pretty easy to find. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, because we will tell you what our episode is going to be. Give you a little preview. And on that note, I’m going to go do some work.

Andrew 14:51
Yeah I think so.

AJ 14:52
so but I guess that means I have to say goodnight

Andrew 14:57
or good morning.

AJ 14:58
Oh, yeah. They might not be listening at night I forget that. I’m know how I forget it.

Andrew 15:03
or Good afternoon.

AJ 15:04
Or, goodbye.

Andrew 15:06
Ok, Goodbye.

AJ 15:06

AJ 15:07