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Ep 5 – Halloween Party – Disney Apps – Rix Sports bar

Aug 12, 2018

AJ and Andrew talk about Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom Park Walt Disney World Resort, some strategies to beat the crowds coming in, special Photo Pass locations, characters and various other goodies. We also discuss the two apps you must have while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort in Orland – the Shop Disney Parks app and the My Disney Experience mobile app, why you need them and what you can find on them. Finally we talk about Rix Sports Bar and Grill at the Coronodo resort, some nice menu and drink options, highly recommended.

This is episode number five of to grownups and a mouse with AJ and Andrew. Today we will be talking about Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party, the Disney Parks app, and Rick’s Sports Bar and Grill.

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Oh. I can’t end it there. No, probably not. Will every episode. We seem to say subscribe. Go on. Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Go to our website. It’s all to grownups in a mouse. Yeah, hopefully you’ve heard it before, hopefully. So we’ll save it for the end. We’ll talk about that later. Okay, we’ll just get right into the show right into it right into edge. Today, we are going to talk about Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party. Or when you’re typing in, it’s an HP nothing. You’re saying. It’s easier to just say, Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party. I was gonna say, cuz I lost in the middle. I would have no idea what you’re talking about shp. Is that like a police department? Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party. But we’re talking about party at Walt Disney World. Yep. Disneyland has their own version of the party. And I think it’s called a little something different as well. Probably.

We should look that up.

I should have Well, I didn’t.

We’re talking about Walt Disney World. And the Knotts scary Halloween party. Do you know that you can now start going in August,

August for Halloween?

Well, they already have Halloween decorations cutting out it’s like, as soon as school starts. It’ll be like, boom, following

directory pretty much

August 31 through October 31. I believe the hours are 7pm until 12am.

I believe. The only thing I

sometimes it’s 1am isn’t it?

Yeah, I was gonna say sometimes I think goes later but always starts at seven.

But you can get into the park f4. Yeah, that’s something that a lot of people do when they don’t have annual passes or other passes. Or even if they are on a trip. They don’t want to use a pass for that day because maybe they went to the waterpark so they went and played mini golf or maybe they went to Disney Springs. So instead of using a full ticket for the day they’ll go to the party that night knowing they can get into Magic Kingdom at 4pm Sure. And it’s a lot of money expensive that way. Oh yeah. Because you can buy a ticket for as little as like $75 give or take

I think this year when I think this year it’s 79 Now I have to look it up today for somebody

nobody I was just online and it was saying if you buy it at the door it’s 85 but you can save $10 by purchasing it in advance so either way it’s a lot less expensive than spending 100 ish dollars sure for a park path and even though it might still be hot because it can still get pretty McGee all right even though it is hot it’s typically a little bit better than going during the day

well just you know as the sun starts going down the temperature starting to come down as well so and it’s you get a good amount of time in the park you know there’s the whatever it is eight hours eight to nine hours of it being in the park if you get if you can get there right at four so

people do and that’s a

that’s a good amount of time right a lot of people do but honestly we go for it always seems to be busiest right before I don’t think a lot of people realize I think more and more people are realizing but

five o’clock it’s like super busy getting in at five o’clock. You know especially because there’s also a lot of people leaving because they have to leave the park by seven when the party starts. So you people coming and going but that is a great park of going to one of the parties and holds true for their very merry christmas party as well. You know, same kind of policy. But if you go to the to the party. It is a separate ticketed event. As we just talked about the cost. You can go trick or treating. Yeah, you literally you and adult. Yep. Trick or treating. We’ve done it no questions asked many times. No judgments to our face. Sure. I’m sure people like judging people always judge let them

or Disney What do we care Exactly. I like to trick or treat. That’s a lot of fun. And you know what’s really great about the trick or treating what they always have like an allergy free option for for. For people that don’t want their kids to have as much sugar. I shouldn’t say that because because they’re a option is little high in sugar. But Cravens there should be raisins usually for the past few years. We weren’t there last year. So I can’t

verify. But for you know a few of the past few years that we have been there, you can get crazy true at almost every state either crazy. Or sometimes raisins, right? Or maybe something else. But they always have the place to trick or treat. But they’ll have a place where your head’s allergic to nuts or what you don’t want them having chocolate or you just don’t want to have them having so much candy. sure there’s another option so that’s really nice that Disney thanks to do that. And the typically have about I want to say seven different different stations at least. And they indicate them with special lighting. So that I mean you when you go into the park, you can get the special map which hopefully they’ll continue doing. I know they’re trying to cut back on paper and waste and everything. But it’s really cute that you know that’s a nice seven year from the party sure to have the map. And the map will tell you this is where you can go trick or treating. This is where you can get special merchandise just for the event. And this is where you can watch the show. You know this is the showtimes it’s on the map. But it’s also in the my Disney experience app which we are going to talk about a little bit later anyway. But like as a trick or treating is one of the things that you can do at the party. So besides trick or treating, you know what else you can do what you can dress up? Yep, you were coattails

good no but I mean you can dress up in costumes you and that is not something that adults are typically allowed to do at the parks that’s correct on a previous episode we did discuss Disney bounding which you to do it anytime because you were just resembling character not trying to look exactly like a character so that’s that’s a good way to dress up without having to worry about breaking the rules you know would never want to break a rule there. But at the party you are allowed to dress up in character yep even characters there there are some limitations such as New masks no weapons

they have a few other limitations and rules that you can find on their website that will give you the most accurate information I’m just giving you the gist of what you can and can’t do but it’s really nice to go trick or treating as an adult in costume should not get judged.


but this time you’re more positive than before

wow you know

somebody is honestly we every year we’ve gone and you know there are so many adults dressed up that I don’t think anybody really well the people that aren’t dressed up probably are getting judge worse than the people that are

the funny thing is for the previous few years when we went we I’m gonna doing air quotes dressed up but we really weren’t pressing up we were more bounding Well, we were resembling character the because it was more comfortable. Well, yeah. to just get into. You know, people knew we were dressed to something but not have to be full out dressed like someone, but people do fill out. Oh yeah. Lots of great costumes. And when we went with our friends who now live in the area

few years ago, because their kids were a lot younger than you can tell by the picture. We did a theme right? I helped make the husband a Christoph your costume. The wife or Elsa

daughter more. Anna right. I wore off. Yep. You were my personal Flurry, my own personal Flurry. So that was definitely Disney bounding, not dressed. And the sun was the ever popular frozen character. If you didn’t realize that we were the theme is frozen Thor. Yep. Yeah. Well, you know, I don’t really remember Thor in frozen. But Thor is a Marvel character, which means there is a Disney character. So okay, I’ll take it. Yeah, why not? But besides us, you will see a lot of families are groups that do with theme. And that’s a lot of fun to Oh yeah. It’s nice to have a place you can go and Halloween time. And a lot of people love Halloween and the blame them. I mean, Halloween is great. A lot of fun,

like, costumes are fun. And you don’t have to go too crazy if you don’t want to. I mean, we’ve gotten just as many come comments when we may just a quick t shirt with a I think one year we put us at a Mickey ears on a on a Deadpool. symbol and

Punisher we did Punisher as well. One year, both of them, we got want to come compliments

and there’s people that don’t dress up at home. And that’s okay, too. Sure. It’s pretty much anything. Well, not anything goes. But you know what I’m saying? It’s, you know, whatever you’re comfortable with. If you want to go there, and you want to die or other people’s costumes, and not partake in the dressing up part. That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. So Trick or treat, wear costumes. And you know who else wears costumes? Mickey Minnie?

Yeah, they get dressed up for the special Halloween costumes

they do on the cruise. Also, if you do a Halloween on the high seas cruise. You can see the characters dressed up. But you also can see special characters. Right. But you don’t

normally see they have arcs.

They have Jack’s skeleton and Sally extremely popular and the lines for that and get pretty long. Yep. And I believe if I’m not mistaken, one another disclaimer, I get a lot of disclaimers.

Well, I’d rather be accurate and into Remember to check these things before we start.

Yeah, that would help to Sorry, guys. But now I’m I’m pretty sure this is relatively accurate for jack and Sally. They know where they’re going to be. So people will start lining up. Sure. However, they will check to make sure you have a ticket to the party, of course, to prevent people from just getting online at four o’clock and being like, oh, but I’m here. No, they make sure that you do have a Halloween party ticket. So if you do want to partake in the Halloween party activities, you will need to get a Halloween party ticket. Yeah, same goes true for the special merchandise. Yeah, they don’t put that out until after seven. That’s correct. So you are going to have to have a ticket to the party in order to purchase the special merchandise

and they’ve gotten more persuasive about checking, you know, and years and years and years and years ago, back in my day,

you know that when they closed early for a special event, you know, they would check before you got on a ride. But you could kind of wander out of the park. You know, doing a little shopping, grab a bite to eat these days. They don’t let you do that. You know they’re going to check you as you walk in the store. walk into a restaurant. So if it’s get it, you know, if it’s after seven, and you don’t have a ticket to the event. You’re going to get chased out of the park.

You know what else they do for the Halloween party that I just remembered my we don’t do this sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom now. Very, very popular.

It is something you can partake in. Every time you go to Magic Kingdom you go as soon as you walk into Magic Kingdom. On the left hand side there is a firehouse. And inside of the firehouse, you can sign up for sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Sure, they will ask you what where you want to go where you want to start out, because there’s different

not boo, but areas that you can go to to get your clues to go to the next place. And they have sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards only during the parties. They do have a special Halloween party card. Sure, very collectible, very, very popular with people, right, that like you know, that collect the Sorcerer’s cards, they do like those special collectible cards. So that’s another thing you can do in addition to trick or treating, wearing costumes, seeing special characters, you know, so you can do dessert party. Yep, they have a special dessert party viral. I mean, yeah, me. I like the dessert party

is a party is very good. At Magic Kingdom. It is very good. Even before you even outside of the Halloween party. It’s very good there. You just get the extra specialist

dessert party at the Hollywood Studios. Star Wars is even better.

Yeah, but we’re talking about Patrick.

I know know they’re both they’re both great. But But one day, we will have to go back to the Star Wars dessert party to refresh our memories. What that one was like, because I was pretty awesome. But we did one time. One time we went into Magic Kingdom for the Halloween party. We were passing by where they were doing the dessert party. I think this was the first dessert party we protect. And it might have been. And we said, What is this? And they told us and we said, well, is there any availability? And they looked into the said sure, right. So we give our credit card and we paid and that was the first dessert party. And it was wonderful. Yeah, it was great food since then. Then it was a little less expensive. Now they have since added alcohol. But unfortunately, you can’t say I don’t drink. I’m opting out of the alcohol. So it’s a set price. You pay an adult price, which includes alcohol, or you pay a child’s price. But they have added I believe now they tried to do more sweet and savory Yeah, in their dessert parties. Because I think they must have gotten some complaints from people saying it’s all sweet. And you know, all you have a sweet

Well, it was it was even those early dessert parties. When it was only sweet. It got to be, you know, you got to be a little much because you can only eat so many Rice Krispies treats, and chocolate covered strawberries. And right, you know, it’s all delicious. But after a while

I was talking earlier about the trick or treating how they have the better options, you know, for the the allergy options. I believe the same holds true at the dessert party, if you partake in the desert Party, which a lot of people do for good viewing of the fireworks. Sure. But let’s say that you can’t have all of that I do believe they can bring you some fruit, you just have to go over to the cast member. And they should be able to accommodate you because they want to make you happy. You are paying on top of paying admission into the party, you have to pay to go to the dessert party trick or treating this for you can trick or treat and get the candy for free. That’s no extra charge. But if you want to go to the dessert party, you do have to pay an additional fee. Right. So if you want to go to the party, but you don’t want to indulge in all the sweets that are there. You should be able to go to a cast member and they will bring you fruit. At least that was my experience.

Yeah, it’s a we’ve seen it before a few times. I think you did it to

know that it was my experience because I personally I did it. And I know that they do want to make everybody happy. So

yeah, well, though, well, they’ll accommodate reasonable requests, I think as as they say,

and I’m not sure when they started doing this. But they have table service dining like special event table surface dining at Be Our Guest Cinderella’s royal table at Crystal Palace, which is character dining with good friends. That’s something that when I was looking it up, it’s new to me. Something that’s not new to me is the photo pass magic shots, right. There’s a picture of the two of us have a Halloween party. I think it was the year that we dressed up like tea cups, maybe or I were the Cheshire Cat dress. Either way we’re holding the poison apple over the cauldron. Yep. And that’s something that they are we’ll do at the Halloween party

so that’s a lot of fun they do the photo pass all the time.

Sure but those are they add those little extras

so the photo pass magic shots you can get photo photo pass at any time but the magic shots dedicated to the desert party

they have parades yep every day at Disney multiple they have the booty you operate right up Halloween party which is special It’s a special parade and it’s really cute and they have one of my favorite firework shows. Yep hollow wishes of course wishes is no longer at Magic Kingdom now it’s happily ever after right is there nighttime fireworks spectacular but they still are doing polishes which is a really cute firework show yep

I mean themed it’s a

it has probably been our one of our favorites firework show

we we like the fireworks we enjoy fireworks we don’t stay for fireworks because we go there so often. So it’s few and far between that we say oh, let’s stay for the fireworks because

we’ve seen them all basically they’re great but you don’t need to see him again. And again. Some

people like to do that. And there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s just not what we prefer to do. However, that’s one of the other reasons that we really enjoy doing the dessert party because it is in a special fireworks viewing area. And pretty much everyone that goes to the party is going to have a good view of the fireworks so you know on a regular basis will go to the parks. We don’t take the time to worry about getting a good viewing area for the fireworks because it’s fantastic so we’ve seen it right but then we can go to the to the desert parties once in a while and have a really good view and that’s really special being in that area and watching the party

Tinkerbell flies right over it.

Yeah, well where they hold the desert party is over in Tomorrowland, terrorists right in that

lots of the lower terrorists actually, I think it’s um, I think it’s that whole section now. Yeah, that’s pretty because it’s expanded. But basically everybody lines up along with terrorists and watch the fireworks and it’s it’s probably one of the best locations and Magic Kingdom to see the fireworks.

Yes. And one of the things that we’ve never really come across them we’ve never really looked out for them is the dapper Dan’s Mm hmm. But they’re a barbershop quartet because we’ve been in educating them on Main Street and seeing the dapper Dan’s right. They were their little outfits with the striped fests and they’re wonderful singers. You can hear them when you’re on Main Street, you know, they’ll come out sporadically. I’m sure there’s designated times, but I don’t believe they post the times. Well, no, yeah, I’ve never seen the times posted by but it’s there. It’s an enjoyable little act to catch. So the cadaver dams are the ones that are out for the Halloween party. Mm hmm.

But as you can guess, from the name, and so Halloween themed barbershop

quartet takes Actually, we did talk a drop about the merchandise they typically have a magic band. Yep. Some pins. Yeah. Some pass holder pins. Of course, some shirts. Yeah. And sometimes other little more merchandise that’s labeled with Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party usually with the date on it.


you can usually at the parks you if you forgot your trick or treat back. Yeah, not a problem. They hand them out. they hand you how to free plastic bag. And if you need another one, get another one. Not a problem. But you can buy in the parks. They do sell kind of like the reusable bags. You know, like if you want a bigger bag, and they do sell the buckets. Yeah, like the Mickey head buckets. So there’s an that particular merchandise is available. Anytime The park is open, they’ll start selling that in August, right, they’re going to start selling their Halloween merchandise. And because that isn’t something that you that they want to limit to the party, you know, because maybe you’re not going to the party and you want to buy Mickey head following bucket. You can

just general Halloween,

you know. But some of it is labeled Mickey’s not so scary party, but I believe even the stuff that’s labeled is available right during the day. So the Halloween party a lot of fun, highly recommended. We do recommend if we didn’t like it a lot. I don’t know if we’re going to go this year. or skip it again. We did skip it last year. Right.

Only because as fantastic as as it is. There are some other things that we do like doing our anniversary. Sure is in this time frame. It’s in September, October. But still it falls in the you know, celebrating Halloween at Disney timeframe. So depending on what other activities we partake in, for anniversary. Sure. We may or may not go to the party. Right. You know, we just have to kind of play by your see what we decide we want to try out. But the party is definitely something that we like we just for us personally. There are a lot of things such as a special characters that we don’t take advantage of. Right. And that’s why we just have to think, you know, do we want to do that or not. But enough about the party. Alright, we should talk about the app the app?

Well, there’s a lot of apps there are.

There are a lot of Disney apps there are. But we should talk about the Disney Parks app, also known as my Disney experience. Yep. If you don’t have the app, you can go to my Disney experience calm. And you can do the same things that you can do on the app.

Most the same things? Yes.

Well, and sometimes you have to go to my Disney experience. com. Sometimes you’ll go to the app, and it’ll, it’ll redirect you there. Sure. But it is definitely a good app to download if you’re going to Walt Disney World, because you can get your fast passes, right? You can make dining reservations, you can see entertainment times you can see Park hours, right

all through the app and see the times of the wait times of all the attractions

even when you’re not there.

Even when you’re not there. You do that a lot. I do just to see how bad it would be or how good it would be. If we were there.

You’d like to go when Pandora and animal kingdom kind of or otherwise known as avatar land. I think a lot of people might not realize that it’s Pandora. What’s even funnier is when you look up Pandora jewelry. So you type in the word Pandora and it says, Do you mean Pandora, the world of avatar or Pandora jewelry? Right? It’s kind of funny but when that first open and you still do it now you’d like to look at Animal Kingdom to see the wait time it’s been over a year now we still have not been applied a passage No, we have not been able to get I’ve asked us know very popular that is. You know,

that’s you know, most of the time that wait time is still well over an hour,

right. But do you know one of the reasons we can’t get it fast bus why it’s good in bed.

With this app, you can book your fast passes. Sure, if you are not staying on property, you can book 30 days in advance, right. So that’s open to everyone. You have a ticket, you can book fast passes,


If you are staying on property, you can put 60 days in advance.

That’s a big head start. That is a big head start.

Not only that, you can look 60 days in advance, starting with the first day of your trip. And you can book for the entire length of your day. Right. If you were saying 10 days, that means that you can actually you’re booking out 70 days in advance for so it’s great for people who that are going up there and staying for the longer trips, they’re going to benefit the most they’re going to be able to find the most availability, which is what Disney wants. They want to make sure if you’re coming and staying on their property that you’re getting a benefit of staying on their property. And that is definitely one of the benefits for sure. So it’s good. And you know, when I say bad, it’s just inconvenient sometimes. But we are fortunate enough that we do go up there often enough that you know, if we don’t go this time, we’ll go next time. And if we don’t go next time, we’ll go with the time after that check. But it is nice to use the app to book your fast passes. You can also link to friends. Yep, you’re one of my friends. I hope so. Well. You’re also my family, friends and family. That’s what they call it that’s interesting, called friend that mainly, you can link to them so that I can see your Fastpass. As you can see my fast passes. You can book by fast passes. I can. Yeah, that’s nice about linking.

Sure. Because not only one person has to go in and

organize what they’re going to do for the day or whatever else. And then you don’t have to play that game of a lie. Got fast passes for this at 12 o’clock. See how close you can get

right. So it is nice to be able to link up to your friends and your family and book things together. Dining reservations can be made through the app. Do you know you can make dining reservations up to 180 days in advance regardless of you staying on property or not? I did because we’ve

actually called first thing in the morning hundred 90 days out to try to get stuff

we did. Yeah, we didn’t get it. No.

And that’s how bad it is sometimes

not bad. That’s how popular it is.

Wait, yeah, it’s really popular.

We were trying to get the Chef’s Table Now regarding that. And and I would hope that they’re still doing the same thing. Because there was only one Jeff stable at the Grand Floridian Victorian Albert’s per day and only have one Chef’s Table one seating per day praying per day. And it can hold up to 10 people. However, if you book for two people, they’re not going to add any additional parties right to you. It’ll just be whoever you book, but you can look up to 10 people. And because they only have one, they do create a waiting list. Yep. That is how we were able to get into the Chef’s Table. Right. We we woke up 190 days in advance and we couldn’t get on. But the cast member said I can put you on a waiting list. And I said, okay, because we do live in South Florida. They put us on the waiting list. And we went on February 20. I remember the date because it was right in the middle of our birthdays. Yep, smack dab in the middle. So it was kind of like serendipitous that they called and said Do you want to come it was like great timing. What a great time to go do the Chef’s Table because it is a little on the expensive side

a little.

But it’s a great experience. That’s that particular event want to go. Even though it’s a dining experience. I also consider it an event. You cannot do that through the app. That is one that you have to call 07, ww dying, right. They might even direct you to call a different phone number for Victoria and Albert was that’s one of the few restaurants you can call directly.

But you do have to call you can’t use the app and make a reservation. But it was nice that they had a waiting list for that. Sure. So they have entertainment times. Park times. wait times a lot of time. Oh, yeah. Which is good. Because you spend a lot of time on there. You know, you know what else they have on their photo pass? Yep. If you have photographs, you’re going to see your photographs photos on there. Yeah, I think if you don’t have to pass, you’re going to see your password focus on those are just going to have the watermark on it. Probably. And they probably won’t let you download them know. And they ended up putting the watermark on them. Because people were screen capturing. Right. So they do want to prevent that because they are business can really blame them. True. You know, they they want to make their money. But it’s a really, really great thing. The photo house. Yeah, we just talked about in previous episode, how we used to not use the photo past so much. And then it kind of dawned on us, like, pay for the propellers. So we’re basically paying for it might as well use it. That’s right. I mean, because we take a lot of pictures. You know, I guess we we are sporadic about our picture taking because we know we go there so often that sometimes we don’t think to take pictures of things because been there done that. But even when we do take a lot of pictures, we don’t take a lot of pictures of the two of us because my arms are not long. Right. Which you tend to remind me on a regular basis.

Your arms, yes or not.

Thank you see, I already said that to to have to rub it in.

Yes. Thank you. I’ve thought about it. Thank you. I needed to rub it in. Thank you. Alright shorty.

Alright, short,

short round. Thanks.

Anyway, in the end, we do not take as many pictures of the two of us right? are the ones that we do take are limited by the land of our arms, right? Because you’re not, not not and I appreciate it that you are not allowed to bring in a selfie stick. Right? That is one of the roles that I really like. So

when there is not a long line, and I see a photograph photographer a little I do like to stop and say, please take our picture. We actually a few months back we’re in Epcot.

And there was a photo pass photographer. I don’t know if she was walking ahead of us are just. And I asked her. I said, Are you want to break? And she said, No. I could take your picture. And that was one of the best. Yeah, photo past experiences we’d had in a while.

Yeah, she took her time to Wow, probably half a dozen photos of us

more. Yeah, more took a lot. We ended up coming across her on the bridge from between world showcase and future world when she was about to take pictures and someone else. And I walked over to her name’s Lisa, which I remember because she was so memorable. And I thanked her. Yeah, I said, You know, I just want you to know that you really gave us a really great experience. But because she wasn’t rushing us along, she really enjoyed her job, you could tell right. And we have some really cute pictures

out of that. And that’s actually a good tip. If you ever run into a cast member that has done something extra special to make your trip more enjoyable as go to guest services and

basically say that, oh, that’s the best thing to do is, is go fill out a form and get services, right. But some people forget to tell them to do so. It’s It’s nice when they hear it when you go and tell him that they’d like to hear that feedback. Because a lot of people forget, you know, they’re just like, Okay, thank you.

Sure. But it’s also good for the cast member to that’s the getting the feedback because that’s, you know, it helps them So,

but that’s a really, really great app. Yeah, there’s another great app

as well. I like

Facebook. What’s it that’s pretty decent app. I’m not a huge Facebook fan. But it’s great for getting Disney information. Angry Birds, you can do that without Facebook app. But that’s not the app that I was talking about. I was talking about the shop. Disney Parks app. Oh, shopping. Yep, like a zombie shopping. Zombie Shah,

that app you can use in the parks. Yep. If you see piece of merchandise, you can use the app to look up the UPC, you know that the barcode basically on the product, because let’s say you go and you see this great shirt, and they only have it in a medium and you want an extra large, right. So you can scan the barcode on the hang tag. And it will tell you

where you can find that shirt and other sizes on the map. Right, that will show you what source that has an


or you can order and have delivered to your house. Or you could order if you’re staying on property. If you’re there long enough, similar to the package pickup that they delivery service they have, you know, while while they’re there, you can order from the app. And they’ll deliver it to your that’s your resort. So that’s, that’s another great, great app. Really good app to use. I use it a little more often than I should know. But you can get your pass holder discount by nine app. Yep. So if you go to the park, and you come home, and then you go, Oh, my God, I saw this really cute shirt. And I forgot to pick it up. You can go on the app, find the shirt and order it now. So you don’t have to use one of the personal shoppers which are not condoned by Disney, right? They are just people going in and doing it either to make money or out of the kindness of their hearts, depending on what their what their intention is. I’m sure there’s a mix of both. But that is why you have the app and you can purchase not everything. But you can purchase a lot of the stuff that’s available.

Oh, good. Good. The percentage. Yeah, they have a bunch of stuff. Just have to figure out how to search for it. But especially if it’s kind of weird or a little off. But not Mickey shirt is probably going to bring up a couple of options.

It’s not just that you have to know how to search for it. But it does take them a few days from when the products are released in the parks. Sure, sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’ll be released in the parks. And it takes a few days to get on the app. Right. Sometimes it’ll be released on the app. Yep. And it takes a few days for it to get into the parks. Right. I’ve seen both. Most recently. There’s a shirt that says cat lady. And there’s a picture of Murray from Arista, cats. There might be some other cats on their future and a woman and one of the purse Facebook groups that I’m in Disney purses, she said, you know, is there anybody going to the parks? I meant to buy the shirt, and I forgot to get it right. So when I saw her post, I went to the app found it took a screenshot and posted and response to her and said, You can order it directly, right. So it’s a really great app. Really great function. And if you don’t have it, get it. Yeah, I think you have to live in the United States for that one. Also,

probably wouldn’t, wouldn’t surprise me.

But if you can. It’s a great app. Use it love it. I do you know what else I love, but eating at the resorts? Yeah, me too. You know what we did recently? We did a lot of stuff reasonably Exactly. Good answer. Yeah. But that wasn’t the specific answer. I was going for. Oh, we ate at Rick’s Sports Bar and Grill. That’s right. I believe it was formerly known as Rick’s. Kevin I believe so. But when I was online, trying to look up the names of the menu items that we ate, I noticed it is now called work. Sports Bar and Grill.

I believe we mentioned that in one of our earlier episodes and we talked about Cornetto.

It’s a well we’ve talked about how it’s probably the third iteration at least, you know, they’ve kind of read on the menu. Previously, they did not take tables in Wonderland. Right. They do they do now. It was nice. It was it was it was definitely a nice little bonus to find out that we could save our 20% and then they do add back that 80% duty but not a problem. Because we would dip them anyway. Right. So when when. But we did eat at brick Sports Bar and Grill. Yep. We weren’t even staying there.

No, we’re staying on pumps entry.

Right. But it’s easy for you know, at least for us. It was easy to get in and out of Coronado. Yeah, so we said let’s go try out wicks. Sure. We knew they were attending the menu. So we said let’s try it out. And we thought it was going to have a very limited menu right that was the impression we had been given by cast member at Ricks on our previous trip right when we went there to grab a drink or snack

they said

no we’re reopening. You know I think that the medical insurance and then you and it look different than what they ended up tending to us.

Yeah, it was it was still it was much more it was what you would expect as bar you know, what you would call bar food

you’re talking about the first menu we saw

Well, the what they thought the menu is going to be it had it had a waffle fry nachos and watches. Yeah, watch shows machos wings and those kinds of things. But it turns out that there was

a lot more. Uh, yeah, it wasn’t a full menu.

Pretty much.

It was not laid out the best who was a little confusing. It was funny, because I think there was another table. I overheard them and they read the menu the same way I did. It was like, there was a picture and there was a line in the picture that made it look like a separation, right? So you didn’t realize that there were actually it was like the sandwiches section or something. And they were still talking about sandwiches, but it looked like it was something else. But it was a full menu. Yep. I got the lobster sliders and the apple cabbage slaw because it looked really good on the menu. It was okay. Yeah, it wasn’t as good as I would hope that I was hoping to have more apple and slaw, right? But it was nice to try something different. And you

I had the French dip,

but usually get a cheesesteak. Yeah. But they didn’t have

while I was at when we were there. I was trying to decide whether I wanted to have the burger, which they looked good. And then I saw the French and the French French dip is my new trick for getting a cheese steak. Because he basically order french tip with just steak and cheese. And every Tuesday,

right, and if you want you to develop the sauce, right, but you know me do and that’s, you got the friendship. It was pretty good. Yeah, it was pretty decent. And the waffle fries. Yeah, they were really good. I had some our server is really nice. Because he he rang our meal up. He ran your French dip up as a friendship with an apples law. Right? And then he did the waffle fries as a side so that we’d end up with more fries. Yep. So I was able to taste them. And they were pretty good.

Yeah, my friends were good. I’m like, said the waiter. The way he rang it up, man. We got more for our money,

right? Which was very nice. And we did we did definitely appreciate that it was not that busy when we went No, I think what they are might be experiencing is people

that already knew about the restaurant having preconceived notions are having been there before, not realizing that the menu has since changed,

so it wasn’t too busy. I know we’ve been at Coronado before when a convention of sorts was going on and the bar was packed and that’s probably that may be what happens at at Rick’s is anytime conventions going on. They’re going to be more busy. Of course, then the typical Thursday night, Friday night, right? You know, because unless people are staying at Coronado, you’re not going to think, let’s go to Rick’s. There are other restaurants, other sit down restaurants in Coronado, right. So it’s a it’s not necessarily the first restaurant people are going to think about, but if you want to try something a little bit different. Sure. You can go to car and springs, good. Rex cafe. They did have really good food and they had really good drinks. Yeah, I enjoyed drugs. I actually got a Cosmo and you got

beer? Yeah, be


I know

they have they have a new drink menu. That was the other thing we’ve been shown right, a lot of whiskies a lot of

Well, there’s a fashion in my opinion, you know, that was the impression I got of the drink menu. When we were first shown it.

It’s it’s, it’s some select mixes of things. There is some whiskey based stuff. There’s some Florida craft beers, which are very popular. You’ll see those at a lot of the restaurant and Disney.

Well. Now speaking of craft beers inside of Hollywood studios, in what used to be the coffee shop right next to cyphy. You can get the craft beers.

Yeah, there’s a whole special craft beer. They have a lot of craft beers.

And they have you can get a craft beer flight there. You know. So I’m just saying that because you said you can get the craft beers at Coronado. Which is nice. Because, yeah, it’s great that they have that special little, you know, mini restaurant basically in Hollywood choose. But you would have to go into Hollywood studios, you’d have to have a park ticket. You have to go in, you know, you couldn’t just run over there and get your craft beer. Sure at Ricks. It’s in a resort. So maybe you’re not. You know, maybe it’s a non Park day. Maybe it’s relaxing day. Whatever the case may be. You can go to Coronado and good Rick’s. I mean, it was it was really nice. The atmosphere was really nice. We really enjoyed it would definitely recommend it. But definitely try it again. Sure. That again, we like to eat at the parks,

of course,

but we like to eat every day. But we like to eat out when we go in the park. Yeah,

but it was it was a good a good break. That’s the kind of place you know we’re staying at Coronado will probably there just because we’re not

the sit down restaurant up there is it’s fine. But it’s not exactly to our taste.

It’s a Mexican restaurant but it’s it’s a Tex Mex type Mexican. And we’re used to Mexican Spanish, right? That’s what we get at home. There’s a Spanish restaurant that we frequent in the Fort Lauderdale area. And it’s it’s more Mexican, Spanish and Mexican. Spanish restaurants are not the same as Tex Mex right? text, it just has a very different taste. You know, they their rice tastes different. Just you know that the sauce they use, like on an enchilada tastes different, but not that one’s bad or one’s good. It’s just what you might be accustomed to. So, yes, when we went to the restaurant in Coronado, that’s what happened. It wasn’t what we were accustomed too. So we didn’t prefer it. So, yes, if we were looking for a place to eat, while we were at Coronado, we would probably go back to Rick’s. We do like pepper market, sure that they have. That’s their quick service. And that they have really good food and really good variety. Right. But, you know, sometimes you want to be waiting on Yeah, you know, and especially knowing they take the tables in Wonderland,

that’s a big plus for us,

we’ll get the discount on it and can get waited on. So it’s like an and Rick’s sports bar and pepper market are literally right across from one another. So it’s not as if one is further Sure, you know, it’s not gonna, we’re not going to have to walk any farther, to get one over get to one versus get to the other. So it’s just a really nice option. It is family friendly. Yeah. But it’s great for adults. Because, you know, it is a Sports Bar and Grill. So there, we’ve been there when the World Cup was on. And they do have plenty of TVs. So if you’re there at any kind of sport during any sporting event. Sure. It’s a great place. I know ESPN, on the boardwalk. Yep. Very popular, of course, during sporting events, because it’s the it’s been in a sports bar. But this is kind of nice that it wasn’t so busy. Because you might be able to go there during a sporting event.

Well, that’s, you know, and even though a modest sporting event, ESPN will draw a crowd to the point where there’s a line to get in. So here, I bet a sporting event, you’ll probably be able to just walk in and sit down.

Or even if there is a line, it might not be as long

right, you know, at for a big sporting event, you know, like a Super Bowl or something like that, then, yeah, you’re probably gonna have to wait, no matter where you’re going. So

well. What’s nice about bricks, the layout, it’s very open. So you don’t even have to be inside of the restaurant to see the screens, which is nice, you know, as a pose to ESPN. Nothing wrong with ESPN. But ESPN is behind tinted glass, right? So if you’re trying, you know, if you’re going for whatever sporting event it is, and you’re waiting outside, you’re not going to have a view of everything. Whereas if you go to Rex, and you happen to have a wait, that’s okay. Because you could still see the TV is you can still see what’s going on. So that’s a definite plus. And the ironic thing is, neither one of us is really all that into most sports. No, I mean, you do like your Formula One.

Sure, which will be on it anytime of the day that were there. So

for me, the one is very popular overseas, and they’re five hours ahead of us. And they happen early in the morning. Usually, a lot of the times, that means that do in the morning. That’s when the race starts. Rick’s is close to do in the morning. Yeah, so you’re not going to be watching for me the one there. You do like football more now than when we first met 15 years ago.

I’m still casual fan,

right? No, but you enjoy it more, you know, especially once it gets towards the playoffs, then the games get a little better. You don’t necessarily go out of your way to watch a game. But you’ll certainly watch it if it’s on if we’re home. Or if for out, you know, you’ll you’ll have no problem sitting and watching it right now. That I understand. But down is I don’t mind watching it since that’s basically the whole game. Sure. Side note. I was in marching band. No one ever explained to me what a down was. So I had no idea what was going on on the field.

Kind of a key point of football.

It was ironic because someone had just explained that simple key point to me. It would have been like, I get it. I mean, yeah, I don’t understand the thousand the flags and right, but that’s fine. I mean, at least I understand the whole concept of the game now. But because I understand it. I don’t mind watching him. Sure. I won’t go out of my way. But I don’t mind watching it. Right. I like watching the Super Bowl. Of course, I like commercials. But

that’s another story. So I don’t know. I guess my point is, I don’t know that we personally would go there. No, to watch a sporting event. But if it’s on, you know, it’s not going to we won’t be adverse about the situation. It’ll just be a new experience. True. So let’s say we talked about Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party. And we talked about the Disney Parks app along with the shop. Disney Parks app.


And my Disney experience, which is related to the Disney Parks app. If you don’t have those three things that I just talked about Disney parks, app shop, Disney parks, or my Disney experience. definitely look into them. They’re great tools yet for Disney trips. And for just finding out about Disney and Rick Sports Bar and Grill at Coronado springs. Yep, that was pretty good. I like it. Now I’m hungry. All right. I need a snack.

All right. I’m gonna go get a snack. We can do that. We should sign off first.

Oh, so you’re gonna get a snack?

No, I was gonna say because you didn’t say you are hungry. I said I was hungry.

I’m still gonna get a snack. But I’m not gonna tell anybody. So. Oh,

I think your plan just backfired. Oops. Okay. So I guess we should close it up if you haven’t done so already, but we hope you have play subscribe.


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